Monday, September 29, 2014

Grand Adventure Part 6 Day 2

A fairly quiet day. Mostly 'Elfing'

Elfing is something I do a bit and has become a tradition in Sydney with my friends Rick and Loni. While they are at work I will clean, iron, cook, etc What ever I feel like doing. Yes really I do like doing housework, especially for other people.

Today's Elfing consisted of:
Cleaning the kitchen
Fish feeding
Grocery shopping

I became a house elf because Kim asked them to give me a piece of clothing so I could come home

So, Elfing occurred. I had one of my famous 'Sydney' phone calls. This one was fairly benign. In the shopping centre, a customer satisfaction call from the spa Al and I went to last week. It was brilliant by the way.

This evening I had the very great honour of seeing Loni pole dancing, Yes really. The off to pick up dinner from Zeus.

Relatively quiet day.

Tomorrow night is the bridge climb!