Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anniversaries and celebrating life

I spent the 5th anniversary of mums passing playing in the Studio with +Kim Robertson  and +Lynda Cochrane . It was a long, and emotionally challenging day. At the end, the exhaustion that comes from a day well spent doing things you love with beautiful people and making a day special, and more a celebration of life. I have added a couple of my pictures (top 3) from the day at Lynda’s and also some of Kim’s Photos (bottom 3). 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Walking the talk

(Borrowed from an article)

Offering Pretend Lasagne

There are fewer questions less answerable than "What can I do to help?" It's bad enough when lobbed at a harried hostess, but even more unanswerable for someone who's really struggling. The urge to ask is understandable: Chances are, you don't know what someone who has suffered a terrible loss or is struggling with some unthinkable disease has gone through. So you ask the question 47 times, and when the person doesn't have a response, you throw your hands up and think, "Well, I tried..." And here's the thing: You do get friend credit for trying. But you get even more for actually doing. Are they not responding to calls but seem happy to get emails? Are they drop-in averse? Start with a small, concrete way to make the day easier, whether it's having groceries delivered or coming over to walk her dog, and do it in the least obtrusive manner possible.