Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4 years, 2 months

Since last time…

I have had a funky chest infection which ran for 3 months and a bunch of antibiotics, IV and oral. It turns out that from all that coughing I developed costochondritis. I have some damage to the muscles in-between my ribs and all of the joints to my sternum and spine are inflamed. I found this out in my last trip to the emergency department and then being admitted. I was put on duragesic patches to manage the pain. I was in so much pain breathing that my brain was telling my body to breathe in a way that got ‘enough’ oxygen to the brain with the least movement. I had laryngospasm to add in there as well. Within a very short time for the first patch going on I realised I could breathe and realised that I had really been in quite a lot of pain.