Sunday, May 12, 2013

2 Years 3 months (early)

Today is Mothers Day. It can be a bit heart wrenching for me as it reminds me that my own mother is gone. It also reminds me that my eldest son and two step daughters will continue to be 'out of contact'. However, my youngest son is here. He tells me every day at least once a day "I love you mum" and I always tell him at least one a day that I love him. They aren't just words. They are heart felt and real. Today is supposed to be a special day for mothers. So many have estranged children,parents etc. If possible, now is an opportunity to break down those communication barriers and start over.

This month has been huge! The coming months are set to be much the same. Some of my brain buddies, my family and I have decided we will either colour or hair purple or shave our heads to raise funds for Cure for Life Foundation. In the last few weeks Charlie Teo has been fairly prominent in the news having announced his 10 year global plan to cure brain cancer. Of course this is a fantastic step forward int the world of brain tumour research. I found it interesting that we formed an international team to raise funds for Cure for Life and  Charlie announced his global plan shortly after.