Sunday, May 12, 2013

2 Years 3 months (early)

Today is Mothers Day. It can be a bit heart wrenching for me as it reminds me that my own mother is gone. It also reminds me that my eldest son and two step daughters will continue to be 'out of contact'. However, my youngest son is here. He tells me every day at least once a day "I love you mum" and I always tell him at least one a day that I love him. They aren't just words. They are heart felt and real. Today is supposed to be a special day for mothers. So many have estranged children,parents etc. If possible, now is an opportunity to break down those communication barriers and start over.

This month has been huge! The coming months are set to be much the same. Some of my brain buddies, my family and I have decided we will either colour or hair purple or shave our heads to raise funds for Cure for Life Foundation. In the last few weeks Charlie Teo has been fairly prominent in the news having announced his 10 year global plan to cure brain cancer. Of course this is a fantastic step forward int the world of brain tumour research. I found it interesting that we formed an international team to raise funds for Cure for Life and  Charlie announced his global plan shortly after.

In the coming months I will finish the first 4 units of my 10 unit course (it will be 13 by the time I'm done) I'll have my final results for Biology and general Applied Science and be launching into University study skills, Computing for academic purposes, English and General Maths. This of course is a slight deviation from the original plan. I had planed to do Pure maths and chemistry for the full year as well, however I had a patch of illness which left me behind and I knew I wouldn't be able to catch up so I'll at least be doing the Pure Maths next year. Biology and GAS are looking good. I have 4 pieces of assessment left to do and that's it. So far I have been scoring honours across the board for both biology and general applied science.

My 5 year plan is to kick this prep course over and have achieved my Bachelor of Biomedical Science.  The prerequisites are English and Pure Maths, suggested chemistry, biology or physics. I'm doing well in Biology so that is a good start. I may not do chemistry next year after all. It will give me a better chance of keeping on top of the pure maths.

Back to Cure for life for a moment. On Friday it was announced that Cure for Life will be the charity for the 2013 Color run in Sydney. I played some small part in this by emailing Cure for Life and suggesting they put in a bid and provided them the contact details. I was moved to tears that they rang me first to tell me that they had been given the place of charity for the color run. I really cannot explain just how important this charity is and what amazing people are in there hands on running it and doing all the things that need doing to keep it going.

Cure For Life Foundation logo is a Paper Crane. Paper cranes are traditional Japanese symbols of peace, good luck, and good health.

I am making a purple (through to blue) paper crane for each $10 amount donated, a silver for every $100 amount reached and a gold for each $1000 amount reached for the team! Each crane will have the name of the donor on it to help share that peace, good luck, and good health around. When we reach our $10000 team goal we'll have 1110 paper cranes.



If you'd like to help by donating please go to
If you'd like to help by putting flyers up or having one around at work etc you can find some here

Please don't put them anywhere you do not have permission to, we don;t want you to get into trouble..

I'll be away for about a week but don't worry I'll be taking crane paper with me :)