Monday, April 22, 2013

And now for something completely different!

This is my new project 

We as a group of brain tumour survivors, family, and supporters, spread across the world, will shave our heads or colour them purple (the cure for life foundation colour) together when we reach our goal. We are trying to raise much needed funds for brain tumour research so that one day soon brain tumour and brain cancer patients can be told they have a manageable disease, preferably a cure.

The CC in 'CC Survivors' stands for Colloid cyst
This benign cyst arises in the third ventricle, the cyst gradually grows and eventually blocks the normal flow the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from the lateral ventricles into the third ventricle. This is one type of hydrocephalus. If it occurs gradually, the patient may develop headache, double vision, difficult walking, memory problems or other difficulties. Sometimes a colloid cyst may produce an abrupt fluid blockage that may cause sudden coma or even death without prior warning. For this reason, many surgeons consider the discovery of a colloid cyst an indication for surgery.
Management options include stereotactic aspiration, endoscopic removal (surgery through a small tube called and "endoscope") or microsurgical removal. Removing the cyst without causing brain damage can be difficult. Treatment should be individualized and take into account the experience of the surgeon.

I was diagnosed in 2003 with a benign brain tumour which made me seriously ill. I wasn't able to find a neurosurgeon to remove it until February 2011. Charlie Teo was the man who gave me back my life.

Benign does not mean "safe"

Cure For Life Foundation logo is a Paper Crane. Paper cranes are traditional Japanese symbols of peace, good luck, and good health.

I am making a purple (through to blue) paper crane for each $10 amount donated, a silver for every $100 amount reached and a gold for each $1000 amount reached for the team! Each crane will have the name of the donor on it to help share that peace, good luck, and good health around.

Anyone interested in joining us in a head shave or colouring your hair purple to help raise funds for brain cancer research? This is an international event so where ever you are in the world you can sign up and be a part of it.