Monday, August 29, 2011

Anniversary Weekend Away

For our 15 anniversary we went away to Hervey Bay for the weekend. We did a lot of walking around the beaches and of course Urangan Pier which is the longest wooden pier around. It has been restored to in excess of 800meters long (originally 1.1 kms)! So we walked it a few times! We went to Vic Hislops Shark Show and saw a 14 foot shark, a real one not a replica. Oh and we saw whales, and a dugong! 
We also stopped at Wild Horse Mountain on the way home. I managed to walk up the mountain in one go this time. This is the first time I have EVER managed to walk up the mountain without stopping. Not bad for 6 months post op brain surgery if I do say so myself. My hubby struggled and had a few stops along the way. The walk up the mountain is only 800 meters but its a 1:10 incline. It rises 80 meters over 800 meters. Anyway I'm pretty happy with myself for managing it.
Here are some pictures from our time away.
Img_3902e Img_3904e Img_3708e Img_3712e Img_3717e Img_3786e Img_3835e Img_3845e Img_3869e Img_3896

Thursday, August 18, 2011

6 month Brainiversary

Yesterday was officially My 6 month brainiversary!


This month has so much happening! My Brothers 1st wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month. My very amazing friends wedding in a few days! I only wish I could be there with him to share it. My inlaws celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend as well. Our 15th wedding anniversary in 5 days! I wasn't sure I'd be here for it and I'm so very happy I am! We'll be away for a weekend together on our own to celebrate.  Our youngest boy selected his classes for senior and has arranged his work experience and mapped out the rest of his working life (as he would like to see it for now). 


I have an appointment for follow up in Sydney with my neurosurgeon on November 1st. I'll be having a new MRI done before I go.  On the way down and back (we're taking a couple of days to drive down and home) we'll be stopping to visit some beautiful friends along the way. I miss them so very very much it makes my heart ache. They were very wonderful and put us up when I went down for my initial appointment and again when I went down for surgery. 


I have also been offered the opportunity to do a two day flight trip in outback australia. Over Lake Eyre, out to Coober Pedy, birdsdville etc. It will be a great opportunity to take photographs *fingers crossed* That trip will be after I get back from Sydney, so EVEN more to look forward too. This has been a miraculous year and its not over yet.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What a huge day!
Today was the second of the days trips I went on with Dad and my Uncle.  Our First trip was to Queen Mary Falls, Daggs Falls, Carrs Lookout and various points in between. It was a massive day of 11 hours driving and walking which was absolurtely wonderful. I paid for every bit of it the following day and was completly wiped out by the time I got home but It was such a wonderful breathtaking trip I didnt mind a bit. Seems Im still not quite as "mended" as I think I am.
The second day trip Dad and my uncle went on was to Wild horse mountain and the glass house mounatins. I had to bow out of that trip as I was recovering from physio and not likely to make it up Wild Horse Mountian. As it turned out the rural firebrigage and other emergency services were doing burnoffs and having a big meet about working together efffectively so photgraphically it didnt turn out to be a great trip in the end.
Todays trip was primarily Tamborine Mountain. Starting with Curtis Falls, then the botanic gardens, some lookouts, the Bearded Dragon for a (very) late lunch and then a trip to Labrador. Another 10 hour day of driving and walking. I'm not so wiped out this time!
Today I also recieved in the mail a package from Brent at Capture Imaging. It is his absolutely stunning book "Moods of Port Stephens" if you get the opportunity to see it, please do! I spent a few days staying with our beautiful friends at Anna Bay before and after my brain surgery. It's a gorgeous area and the people are wonderful.
To add to the wonder of my already amazing day, I discovered that I managed to successfull complete my first walk challenge since surgery. So I have signed up for another one this month to see how I go and keep the inspiration going. Oh! and sometime this week or next I should hit 5 million steps since may last year when i started doing these challenges (not including february, march, april and may 2011 which i didnt count due to recoving from surgery). The June challenge I manged 86%.
I have included some pictures from the day trips below.
Img_3387e Img_3391e Img_3398e Img_3400e Img_3403e Img_3406e Img_3531e Img_3490e Img_3489e Img_3513e Img_3500e Img_3506e