Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What a huge day!
Today was the second of the days trips I went on with Dad and my Uncle.  Our First trip was to Queen Mary Falls, Daggs Falls, Carrs Lookout and various points in between. It was a massive day of 11 hours driving and walking which was absolurtely wonderful. I paid for every bit of it the following day and was completly wiped out by the time I got home but It was such a wonderful breathtaking trip I didnt mind a bit. Seems Im still not quite as "mended" as I think I am.
The second day trip Dad and my uncle went on was to Wild horse mountain and the glass house mounatins. I had to bow out of that trip as I was recovering from physio and not likely to make it up Wild Horse Mountian. As it turned out the rural firebrigage and other emergency services were doing burnoffs and having a big meet about working together efffectively so photgraphically it didnt turn out to be a great trip in the end.
Todays trip was primarily Tamborine Mountain. Starting with Curtis Falls, then the botanic gardens, some lookouts, the Bearded Dragon for a (very) late lunch and then a trip to Labrador. Another 10 hour day of driving and walking. I'm not so wiped out this time!
Today I also recieved in the mail a package from Brent at Capture Imaging. It is his absolutely stunning book "Moods of Port Stephens" if you get the opportunity to see it, please do! I spent a few days staying with our beautiful friends at Anna Bay before and after my brain surgery. It's a gorgeous area and the people are wonderful.
To add to the wonder of my already amazing day, I discovered that I managed to successfull complete my first walk challenge since surgery. So I have signed up for another one this month to see how I go and keep the inspiration going. Oh! and sometime this week or next I should hit 5 million steps since may last year when i started doing these challenges (not including february, march, april and may 2011 which i didnt count due to recoving from surgery). The June challenge I manged 86%.
I have included some pictures from the day trips below.
Img_3387e Img_3391e Img_3398e Img_3400e Img_3403e Img_3406e Img_3531e Img_3490e Img_3489e Img_3513e Img_3500e Img_3506e