Thursday, August 18, 2011

6 month Brainiversary

Yesterday was officially My 6 month brainiversary!


This month has so much happening! My Brothers 1st wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month. My very amazing friends wedding in a few days! I only wish I could be there with him to share it. My inlaws celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend as well. Our 15th wedding anniversary in 5 days! I wasn't sure I'd be here for it and I'm so very happy I am! We'll be away for a weekend together on our own to celebrate.  Our youngest boy selected his classes for senior and has arranged his work experience and mapped out the rest of his working life (as he would like to see it for now). 


I have an appointment for follow up in Sydney with my neurosurgeon on November 1st. I'll be having a new MRI done before I go.  On the way down and back (we're taking a couple of days to drive down and home) we'll be stopping to visit some beautiful friends along the way. I miss them so very very much it makes my heart ache. They were very wonderful and put us up when I went down for my initial appointment and again when I went down for surgery. 


I have also been offered the opportunity to do a two day flight trip in outback australia. Over Lake Eyre, out to Coober Pedy, birdsdville etc. It will be a great opportunity to take photographs *fingers crossed* That trip will be after I get back from Sydney, so EVEN more to look forward too. This has been a miraculous year and its not over yet.