Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 years 2 months (late again)

Life is good! I have been having all kinds of fun plotting and planning. I have been doing super secret art projects to be revealed at a MUCH later date. Planning my next international trip to NZ with my friends Alonya and Rick.

I am currently forming a group of people to fund raise for cure for life foundation. The idea is that once we reach our fundraising goal we will all shave our heads on the same day all over the world (I hope) so for example 23rd of November at 5 pm ... where ever you are :D Its sounding better and better the more I think about it.

+Hendrik Ebber and I have been plotting planning and negotiating possible photo walk locations and times for the 2 Year Google + Anniversary photo walk. So far so good, it will take some time to iron out the rough edges but we'll get it together! Had an awesome time out with Hendrik +Kim Robertson and +Mark Pitt.

I did a 5 km fun run/walk with my little brother and my nephew on March 24th. We had a great time and didn't do too badly. Jakey ran the first km with me and then opted to be in the stroller as chief drink carrier and cheerleader. there were frequent cheers of "Lets catch those people in font" "go faster" "weeeeee more!" We've signed up for another one in August! There was a HUGE storm that hit not long after we finished which resulted in one runner dead and number injured. It was ferocious, ripping branches off trees, knocking trees over and trying very hard to blow the runner off the bridges.

I drew up a couple of shirts for my brother and i to wear in the run. Later in collaboration with the lovely +Peer Q we turned it into the banner ribbon for the colloid cyst survivors group.

This year I again went into the city to take photos of the various Brisbane icons lit up for Autism awareness and was lucky enough to meet Laser Beak Man and his mother! Laser Beak man is the amazing artist who did the artwork to light up the William Jolly Bridge.

In other news I scored Honours across the board for Biology 1. Biology 2 is underway with fantastic lab time at the Griffith University Labs.... I love lab work! I'm really looking forward to the things we will be covering in Biology 2.

Next semester will have a heavier workload but I think I will be able to manage it as they are "lighter" subjects than Pure mathematics and chemistry. They are reserved for next year.

I've had a couple of funny episodes lately but I'm off to the doctor next week to see about sorting them out.

We've been taking #Flattyler out and about to show him various parts of Brisbane as we travel around. Flattyler is a project I became aware of through +Dawn Molitor to find out more about the Flattyler project please read this post

Really excited about meeting up with +Al Christensen !!!!

I can't think of much else to tell you right now but I hope you are all well, happy and enjoying life as much as you can ♥