Wednesday, June 19, 2013


2 years 4 months and things have been a little crazy. What is new there?

I have completed my first semester of my uni prep course. At this stage I believe I have honours across the board. I have signed up for my 2nd semester classes and am planning those for next year. I am also looking at picking up some work in between time so that too is on the boiler.

On a personal note we lost our Aunty Bid a couple of weeks ago. She was an amazing woman. 

She was born on 2nd October 1926. She taught at the local Sunday school until around 10 or 11 years of age.

The family moved into the town of Bundaberg residing at 19 Station street in 1937.  Here Brenda continued her education at the Central School.  Following her Intermediate school year she began working for Cyril Courtice Accountancy firm to further her education skills both in the office and by attending night school

At about twenty years of age Brenda became the matriarch of the Drews family following the death of her mother in 1946.

She took on the responsibility of running the family home and raising her younger siblings:
            Barbara aged 2 yrs
            Len aged 5 yrs 
            Alice aged 8 yrs
            Val aged 11 yrs
            George aged 17 yrs

With the guidance and advice when needed, of her older sister Lola aged 22 yrs, who had already started her own family and older brother Colin aged 25 yrs, who went away to war, she attended to the needs of her siblings whilst helping their father raise and provide for the family.

Brenda performed all of the duties of a mother so was accorded that position by the youngest children Len and Barbara. 

The Walker children born to Lola and Harry Walker were part of the extended family as were the children of Colin and Jean Drews.  

Following the death of their father in 1960 Brenda went into the workforce at Peterson Bros of East Bundaberg starting as an office worker on the recommendation of Mr Courtice and progressing to the position of PA and Purchasing Manager.  During these many years of employment with Mr Peterson's firm she worked long hours helping to build the business thereby enabling her to ultimately re-build the family home without going into debt.  This was a formidable achievement in that period and even so to-day.  Her relaxation at this time was her gardening, with help from her youngest sister, Barbara.

Brenda retired from Peterson Bros at the age of 60 and was well known in that community.  Prior to and following her retirement, Brenda was able to broaden her interest in travel both at home in Australia and overseas, allowing her to enjoy some well-earned freedom and recompense for her years of dedicated, hard work.

Despite being in continuous pain for many years due to a degenerative bone ailment, Brenda persisted in carrying out all of the day to day workings of a home with the help of her confidante and companion, her younger sister Barbara. Brenda felt the loss of  her Station Street home, garden and the devastation caused by the January 2013 floods affecting the whole of the Bundaberg community and with Barbara, chose to move to Beenleigh to start again and to rebuild their lives.  

Brenda has touched a lot of lives within the immediate and wider family, as well as those outside of the family. She will be missed by all and has left a huge void but we are all better for knowing her.

I had a very exciting and inspiring meeting with the Cure for Life people. It was a wonderful evening. Unfortunately on my way home via public transport I had a nasty fright and had to use my brain to prevent myself from being mugged (or worse). I was a huge target being a woman alone at a train station at night with a cane. Luckly, my husband +Kim Robertson  jumped in the car to come and pick me up. While he was on his way I made sure I was in view of as many cameras as I could see, that I could see all the entry and exit points of the station and that I looked busy but not so absorbed as to not notice people. One young man getting off a train came a sat in the seat just down from me and started talking to me. Made me feel a lot less nervous while the cavalry was on the way. When Kim arrived I walked around the back of the lift block I had been watching to find one of these lovely gents (who had placed themselves in the dark around the station and were whistling and calling to each other  crouched down in the dark in the bushes. Back safe at home and still running on nervous energy I started planning some fundraising events to be disclosed at a later date.

Kim and I have our flights and accommodation sorted out for our trip to Sydney for the colour run which will be donating the proceeds to the Cure for Life foundation. Yesterday Charlie Teo was named Australia's most trusted person. I am only $300 away from shaving my head and having the CFLF logo painted on my head.

I realise I am not the same person I was before but I don't think I have become a worse person. I help because I want to help not out of some sort of guilt or duty. I help where and when I can, because I like people to feel better.  Smiling at a person having a bad day can be the thing that changes everything for them. I am very much a believer that the smallest kindness can have the biggest impact and ripples through life. All good intentions that do not become action remain ideas and don't do anything.

I'm sure that there were other this I was going to post. I am having a particularly bad memory week. I think it is mostly from overdoing it but I am having to rely on sticky notes a lot.

MAssive thank you to +Charles Strebor for your beautiful gift. I have plans for it soon! I'd also like to thank you again for putting your beard on the line in the name of curing brain cancer.

Equally massive thanks to +Hendrik Ebber  for teaming up with me to get this 2 year G+ Anniversary Photo walk happening!

There are so many people I am thankful to have in my life who help me in so many ways. I love you all.
Be safe and be happy