Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anniversaries and celebrating life

I spent the 5th anniversary of mums passing playing in the Studio with +Kim Robertson  and +Lynda Cochrane . It was a long, and emotionally challenging day. At the end, the exhaustion that comes from a day well spent doing things you love with beautiful people and making a day special, and more a celebration of life. I have added a couple of my pictures (top 3) from the day at Lynda’s and also some of Kim’s Photos (bottom 3). 

In other news, my baby brother and I have been organising a surprise party for Dad’s 70th. We started planning it in August (for January 2013) and things were going great guns til we had a hiccup with the venue and catering. We have a new venue now and obviously a different menu; we also have much more helpful staff! I am really looking forward to it all going off in the end. We went to the extent of setting up a PO Box, an email address and a “bat phone” to keep the whole thing under wraps. I’ll let you know how it all went in my next monthly Brain post!