Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Grand Adventure Part 6 Day 3

I have been very lazy and not posted yesterdays update. Mostly because I was exhausted and didn't get in until after 10.

I had a pretty quiet and restful morning. In the afternoon I headed in to the city and wandered around for a few hours before heading off to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. It was very very very hot. So hot in fact that we had to strip off and just ear our undies under the climb suits. It was 32 degrees at the top of the bridge at 5 in the afternoon/evening.

Our group of 14 headed out onto and up the Bridge at 5pm. we did the climb stopping every so often to look at the amazing view. Our guide Daniel was fabulous with his humour and his information about the bridge and various parts of Sydney (some of it not so politically correct) It was crazy windy as we reached the summit. The young girl in front of me looked like she was about to blow away! After the incredible experience we returned to the base at about 8:45. It was a big evening with some lovely people and an indescribably awesome experience

I wandered back 'home' and got in a bit after 10. Time for sleeps