Friday, October 3, 2014

Grand Adventure Part 6 Day 6

I frocked up.

Yes really I frocked up. that wasn't and auto correct. I wore a frock. I bought a beautiful new frock before I headed to Melbourne and wore it for the first time When Al and Steve picked me up from the hotel. I fell in love with it when I walked into the shop and tried it on. It was a little large but it was the smallest they had (NOT a size 8). I talked myself into buying even though I don't normally 'do' dresses. I took it in a bit to fix the sizing issue. Anyway it has become known as the dress. I wore it today!

I met with the lovely Paul Snedden for lunch and talked so much I kept forgetting to eat. I then hung out in Hyde Park for a while until I saw Markham Lane and spent some time with him. After that. I jumped on a train to go and have dinner with Loni, Rick and another friend.

This may seem a little insignificant however the thing to remember here is that I have to have things planned out and my transport known inside out or I panic. I managed the ferry, a bus and two unexpected train trips without wigging out. I am mighty proud of myself for that achievement all by itself. For me it is a pretty big deal.

Fast forward to this evening where I read a post on a Uni forum asking if anyone in the biomed programme knew a beautiful model who has recently been to The Oscars and the Golden Globes. She studies at Griffith. She was in a bunch of my courses last semester and it a truly lovely woman. So I guess that not only have I had a brush with fame, I have studied chatted with and hugged it.

Image borrowed from news article