Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grand Adventure Part 6 Day 5

Having had my plans go a little sideways, I got some washing done and sent off some mail. I decided to head in to the rocks and have a wander around.

In the ferry on the way to Circular Quay I decided I would do the pylon 'climb'. I walked to the first pylon on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and climbed the 200 stairs to the top. From there you have a pretty good view of everything. I took some pictures (on my phone) of the bridge and the bridge climb area. I went back down the 200 stairs and walked across the bridge to the second pylon, turned around and walked back to Circular Quay.

There are a number of things I have seen in Sydney that I find a little disturbing. 10-12 Police cars along George Street. 12 Security guards on the bridge. Last but not least, the security seal tape on every possible opening on the ferry.

Tomorrow sees a lunch with Paul Snedden and I believe I may wear a frock. Yes, I own one. Yes, I brought it with me. Al loves it.