Thursday, September 25, 2014

Grand Adventure - An explanation

I just realised I had not explained the reason and story behind the Grand Adventure. I had organised my annual trip to Sydney for the mid year University break. Everything changed and I could not fly out as originally planned so I moved my flight to the September University break.

The wheels fell off everything. My Father had an accident and broke his neck. After 5 days he lost his fight and went to be with my Mum. The day I was supposed to fly out was the day of his funeral.

I had decided to go back to University when the semester started, I went for the first week and realised that I was in too much of a mess to be able to cope with University as well as my grief and declining mental health.

I went to see my psychologist and we flew out to Melbourne straight after the appointment. We had a few days there and came home. While we were away a dear friend had a horrific crime occur resulting in significant and mental damage. He would be in Melbourne six weeks after our visit and I was desperately worried about him . I booked a flight so that I could catch up and see him while he was in Melbourne.

I was in need of some time out away from the daily reminder that my Dad was gone. So the Grand Adventure was born. This is my way of keeping in contact with family and friends while I am away and to share some of the experiences I am having. It will be a reminder for me about the adventures I have had while keeping the chronology in perspective. I still have problems tracking past events.

So I leave you with this explanation of the Grand Adventure. I am having an extended trip away on my own trying to manage my mental health.