Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grand Adventure Part 1 Day 1

Part 1 saw my brother, the lovely Claire ad little Jake coming to see me off at the airport. The gate was changed as we were almost on it and then delayed. We sat around talking, discussing planes with Jake and some of the things I will do while I am away. We have decided that when he is 10 we will do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!

Jake was very upset when he had to leave and we had to make a couple of deals. #1 If jake is missing me he needs to have cuddles with Dad and Claire. #2 I will be back next time he goes to stay with his Dad #3 I will show him photos from my trip away but especially the climb when I get back. #4 When I was to phone him the day after I got to Melbourne.

The gate for the flight changed. The plane we were supposed to be on the go to Melbourne was delayed on its flight from Sydney. The flight was further delayed when we were boarding. Relatively smooth sailing until landing in Melbourne where the baggage claim carousel was changed.

Met up with Mon and Liz and head off to the lovely home. I got to play with two beautiful bunnies and a cat! I had the most wonderful sleep. I really enjoyed my time with Mon and Liz.

Then it was off to the hotel (Part 2)