Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grand Adventure Part 2

Off to Rydges CBD Melbourne. I checked in, lugged my bags into my room and had a flop on the bed. That is when I found spike! He had stowed away in my suitcase.

I wandered off in search of a late lunch and found 'Self Preservation', it was the planned site for the Melbourne survivors coffee meet. I had the most amazing sandwich and coffee there. The atmosphere was beautiful. The staff were lovely. This is on my favourite places to eat in Melbourne list.

I wandered around a bit and picked up some essentials I hadn't brought with me. I took that back up to the room and then vegged out for a while. I spent some time that evening trying to decide if I would go downstairs and eat in the hotels restaurant, flop on the bed and stay there or order room service. Going down to the restaurant would mean getting 'dressed'. Flopping on the bed would mean hunger and not really being able to take my medication. Room Service would just be obscenely expensive.

I needed food. I didn't want to deal with a crowded restaurant. I put my coat on and found a subway after walking around the block and having a look at things. With subway in hand I walked back into the hotel, past all of the people in the restaurant and up to my room. I got to have food and flop on the bed!

Off to what turned out to be the worst night sleep I have had in a long time.