Monday, October 18, 2010

Three holes in the ground

 First it was international pregnancy and infant loss day (October 15th) That lead to another support group and feeling somewhat out of place. I always feel a bit square peg/round holey. It's been a little over a year now since I lost our last baby. There were tears and sniffles and lit candles. Too many babies never held in my arms, and missing those who were held in my arms and have left my home. 

Saturday was a day of new things. The owner came a fixed the front stairs and landing as he said he would. Miraculous in itself. I also potted billions of tiny flowers. I needed to get my hands dirty, much about in the earth and do something that was creative in another way.

Sunday brought the after effects of the sunburn from Saturday :) Seems there was as gap between my hat and my shirt. We are reclaiming part of the front "garden" and turning it back into a garden. I had planned to slay "medusa" the overgrown beastly weed down the side but will leave that until Wednesday. Not feeling terribly up to it today. 

Looking forward to a new week and the possibilities it brings