Thursday, October 21, 2010

RAGE *angry post warning*

I am so incredibly furious! Irresponsible judgemental reporters strike again! I would like to take one Alister Thomson for a long walk through a dark forest. Luckily it's and 8 hour drive away and I'm not allowed to drive.

Hot on the heels of my mothers death, in August 2008 my cousin lost 2 of her 3 children in a house fire which was started by one of her 3 children (all under 4 years old). It was catastrophic. They lost their home, two children (aged 3 and 18 months) and had the reporters in their faces from the very start. We had to keep everything under wraps including the times and location of the funeral so that they would not know where it was and show up. 

Fast forward to October 5th 2010. The inquest has begun and some two bit reporter decides to write an article about my cousins family. its horribly slanted and basically blames her for their deaths as she was suffering from depression! At the bottom of the article is an advertisement!!! 

Beyond blue
This month is “Anxiety and Depression Awareness” month
An initiative by “Beyond Blue”, it aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigma
Over a million people in Australia live with depression
Over two million have an anxiety disorder
More information can be found at

I am sick with rage at the way this JERK has failed to deal with this issue with any kind of respect or compassion!