Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch Up


Miss T has caused enough chaos in my life in the last week and half to 2 weeks now that the " I look after her before and after school" deal has now been axed ahead of time. We had planned to hold out until the end of the year but she (and her parental units) couldn't behave themselves so. No dice. I don't need the stress. After tomorrow morning she will not be my problem any more. Honestly it bothers me that I had/have more concern for her than her parents did/do but I cant be responsible for her. I may have been involved with her since before her birth but she is not my child. 

In other news, despite cut roads, 2 year plus out of date paperwork, and other pixies doing their level best to trip me up, I have managed to send off my scans and paperwork to the Wizard of OZ! Now we play the waiting game and see what he has to say about it all. Its been a roller coaster so far and I suspect it will continue to be so for a while yet. I have been a little nutty with it. Trying to stay positive while not getting my hopes up too much and battling the inevitable fear and doubts. The best one yet has been the little voice in my head that told me I didn't deserve the surgery and was wasting the wizards time. That lil voice got a good solid butt kicking.  Depression is a bastard and something that comes wit the territory . It can be a tough thing to deal with sometimes.
When I saw the doc on Monday I got my blood results back and most of them had gone from not so great to pretty fantastic, so I'm doing something right! Win on that front. There are some things that haven't improved as much as they need to but I cant quite work miracles :) I'm working on it though! Shall continue to do what I have been and implement the new suggestions. Dietician Dan was also very impressed and happy with me. I'll not ever be a 1kg a week person, but I'm doing the best I'm going to do and that fine. Back to see Dan in December.
Walking is getting a bit tough with all the rain and flooding going on so I am doing it in the house....... going a bit crazy. I really really really think I will have to get a treadmill and soon :)

so that's about it for now........ apart from planning a trip to India and dreaming big for after my brain gets fixed!