Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've been taking them for forever, so has my dad. 

My Mum wanted a new family portrait done a few years ago before she died and we never managed to get it done. Between Mum and dad, my brothers and their partners we didnt seem tot be able to find a time that suited everyone. I have been thinking about getting one done but keep putting it off, I don't like having my photo taken because I don't think I look any good in them, I have a crooked smile, and I still need to lose weight.... I can come up with a million other reasons if you give me enough time. Tonight I fell over this post and now I think I deserve a king sized arse kicking. Going on my xmas wish list will be "family portrait". If it is just Kim, James and I, I will be happy with that, it doesn't have to be the extended family. Matthew hasn't made so much as a phone call in over 18 months so I don't think he wants to be in a photograph with us :(  Prue and Kaitlin have only just come back into our lives and are very skitish so again... doubtful. So just the 3 of us may be....