Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Remember Andi?

Andi is a fantastically talented and generous woman. She makes beautiful jewellery which is a form of therapy in itself. She has a page on Facebook and a store on Etsy where she sells her wares and a shiny new website 

Andi has started a new project! Each month she will be donating ₤1 from the sale of each of her ₤2 mobile phone/zipper charms to a different charity. Charity Charms £2 (£1 to Charity ) or Bookmarks £4 (£1.50 to Charity)  postage extra.

This months charity (May) is Cancer research.
June will be supporting The Isadore FoundationThe Isadore Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation that aims to out a laptop into every carers home in rural Norfolk. They provide a Laptop; Printer and all the training required to fully utilise the computer provided.

Rethink - July 2012
Headway - August 2012
NACC - September 2012
MS Trust - October 2012
ME Association UK - November 2012
Arthritis Research UK - December 2012
FMA UK - January 2013
Unicef UK - February - 2013
RNIB - March - 2013

If you are interested in purchasing some of Andi's fantastic handiwork and helping out some incredible charities while you are at it, head on over to visit her on facebook, her website or etsyand let her know :)

  • Earrings £1 donation 
  • Bracelets £1 donation
  • Necklaces £2 donation
  • Charms £1 donation 
  • Bookmarks £1.50 donation
  • Keyrings £1 donation

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