Thursday, May 3, 2012

Projects Update

For those of you tracking my current projects.....

The 100 prints for the Charlse Wanstall Apex Lodge went exceptionally well with the final 2 prints arriving today from +Olav Folland 

The 58 Prints for the Townsville and Rockhampton lodges project is under way with interest and offers coming in from around the place. Please keep them coming in :) Tell your fiends :) 

May 27th I am doing a 5km to raise funds for the Kim walters Think Pink Think choices program more info here

I have volunteered to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane with my cousin for her birthday in August!

And as of today I have signed up, with my fantastic husband +Kim Robertson , my amazing son +James Robertson , my brilliant brother+Brendan Walker and my beautiful sister in law +Larissa Walker for the Relay for Life on November 3rd

We live in an amazing world, full of incredible people and mind blowing opportunities. Make the most of life, you only get one.