Tuesday, May 15, 2012

58 Prints Complete

On April 26 we launched the 58 prints project. The aim to collect 58 framed prints for cancer council accommodation lodges in Townsville and Rockhampton Queensland. As of  today May 15 we have achieved just that. 40 prints for the Gluyas Rotary Lodge in Townsville and 18 framed prints for the Central Queensland Cancer support Center in Rockhampton.

This was not a solitary effort. If not for +Tony Porter+Markham Lane , +Colin Gerbode+C. Corey Fisk+Dryade GeoSean Neil, +Ken Caughlin+Thomas Vaclavek+Grant Galbraith+TJ Caracci, +Michael N Sutton, +Mykal Hall, +Maria Shvedova, +Suchita Kulkarni, +Raya Ozruso-Cottrell, and Terry Woollcott, I would not have been able to manage it.

This marks an end to my print projects. There are only 2 more accommodation lodges in Queensland, one does not require prints and the other has not been finished yet. However, this does not mean that the print project needs to end. You can talk to your local cancer council, association etc and ask them if their accommodation units need donations of framed prints. Ask them what kinds of prints they would prefer, landscapes, rural, seascapes, animals, plants etc. You never know what you can achieve until you try!

Here are the beautiful prints which have been donated to Townsville and Rockhampton