Monday, May 28, 2012

May 5 km

Yesterday morning, Kim and I got up in the dark and drove into St Lucia for the 10th Anniversary Rotary Fun Run raising funds for the Kim Walters Think Pink Think Choices Program. Kim braved the cold and the early early morning to take me in, support me and take photographs.

It was a big day for me. I was a bit emotionally wobbly as it was the day after my mums birthday and that was sitting in the back of my head. I still miss her terribly. I was getting a stream of messages from my brain buddies which were very encouraging and heartfelt. Consequently I was in tears before I got started. It's a good thing really, crying makes running harder cos the breathing is all wrong and you can't see!

So I started off on the 5km with a head full of thought about how far I've come and what and awfully short time it's been. About halfway through I was starting to think"may be I can't do this after all" but I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and told myself to sop being silly and get on with it. I got on with it and picked up the pace for the last 2 km and actually ran part of it!

My final official time was 43:36 for 5km. Its not the fastest in the world, not record breaking but for me its my best yet and I'm really proud of how well I did, how much I surprised myself on the day and I know that I'm only going forward from here. I did really well for a chick with a hole in her head 15 months post op and no one is going to tell me any different!

In other news. My 1 year 4 month post will probably be a wee bit late as I will be flying to Sydney that day to spend a week with the lovely Alonya and Rick!