Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1 year 3 months

It's that time again! I'm now 15 months post op.

The last month has been crazy crazy busy. Our lovely Ossian left us to continue his adventures in Australia. We went on the photo-walk at the botanic gardens. I caught up with an old school friend at the photo-walk, who will be coming to more of them *happy dance*

I started the 58 prints for Townsville and Rockhampton Cancer Council accommodation Units in the last month and have finished it yesterday. All that is left to do it transport them to Townsville and Rockhampton!

My lovely friend Andi also started her new project in the last month.  Each month she will be donating ₤1 from the sale of each of her ₤2 mobile phone/zipper charms to a different charity. Charity Charms £2 (£1 to Charity ) or Bookmarks £4 (£1.50 to Charity)  postage extra.
This months charity (May) is cancer research.
June will be supporting The Isadore Foundation
The Isadore Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation that aims to out a laptop into every carers home in rural Norfolk. They provide a Laptop; Printer and all the training required to fully utilise the computer provided.

Rethink - July 2012
Headway - August 2012
NACC - September 2012
MS Trust - October 2012
ME Association UK - November 2012
Arthritis Research UK - December 2012
FMA UK - January 2013
Unicef UK - February - 2013
RNIB - March - 2013

If you are interested in purchasing some of Andi's fantastic handiwork and helping out some incredible charities while you are at it, head on over to visit her on facebook, her website or etsyand let her know :)
  • Earrings £1 donation 
  • Bracelets £1 donation
  • Necklaces £2 donation
  • Charms £1 donation 
  • Bookmarks £1.50 donation

Request item on JazzAndi Gems

Coming up I have, on the 27th May a tiny 11 days away, a 5km run/walk for the Kim Walters Think Pink Think Choices Program. (Choices) is a free community service regardless of where treatment has been undertaken offering support for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers and their families.

You can help me to raise funds to help men and women diagnosed with cancers continue to receive multi- disciplinary holistic care through the Wesley Hospital Choices Program. This one I am doing for Aunty Elaine who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. My fundraising page is here 

There are more Photo-walks on the horizon! I'm really looking forward to them. In the meantime I am still job hunting. It's good to know I "interview really well", now I just need to convince them to give me a job :) 

 I guess that's it for now. I'm feeling more "normal" these days which is nice. I still have my moments of worry that I am not keeping up, or that I won't be able to keep up, but they pass pretty quickly. I am feeling more confident and comfortable in myself than I can ever remember feeling in my life. Nice side effect of brain surgery!