Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Positive post op

I know I have already posted something very much the same on Google+ however it doesn't hurt to put it out there again. I will be 4 years post op next month!

We all need a positive story to help get us through the worst of things some times so here is mine

Tl;DR - I did stuff

I started Studying at 17 months post op (yes I counted) and achieved a Dual certificate III in Busniss and Busniss Administration in just over 5 months.

5 (just under 3 years post op) months after that I started a certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation it was a year long course which I completed with honours.
That launched me into a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science). So far I have scored credits and distinctions. I have had to take a half year off as my father passed away and it has had a tremendous impact on me.
While I have been off I have completed a bunch of other online courses
  • Good brain, bad brain: Parkinson’s - U OF Birmingham
  • Academic Integrity - U OF AUCKLAND
  • Exploring play - U OF Sheffield
  • Basic science – understanding experiments – Open University
  • Psychology and mental health - U OF Liverpool
  • The science of medicines – Monash University
  • Inside cancer - U OF Bath
  • Medicines adherence – Kings College London
  • Basic science: Understanding numbers – Open University
  • Good brain, bad brain: Basics U OF Birmingham
  • Cancer in the 21st century - U OF Glasgow

I went to the Biomed conference in Melbourne in November last year and am heading to the cancer council brain tumour forum.
Apart from that I have been raising a mertric tonne for money for brain tumour research doing fun runs and things since 13 months post op.
Not too bad after 8 years of symptomatic CC, midline shift and intraoperative hemorrhage
Self advocate, stick with things, don't give up hope and most of all have faith in yourself.
Recovery has by no means been easy and there have been a whole bunch of times when I have wanted to give up, but you need to go with your dreams.