Tuesday, December 16, 2014

3 years 10 months

I had so very much planned for this post but have since forgotten what any of it was. I should have written it down!

Most of my regulars and those who have read back will know that I post my monthly update on the 16th of each month because I got to have life 2.0 on February 16th 2011. You would also know that December 16th is not a particularly happy one as my mother passed away on December 16th 2007. Today marks seven years since my mother passed away from lung cancer.  This year I am going to hold back on the usual upset and pain that goes into this post. There has been enough this year.

On the brain tumour front, nothing happening, this is always good news. On the TBI front, there is a bit of an issue I am having with Event Cinemas. ‘The Hobbit’ will only be shown in 3D from December 27 to 31.Sound fabulous right? Wrong. People like me, who have vision problems cannot watch 3D movies, sometimes 3D glasses will not fit over prescription glasses, some people with brain injuries cannot watch 3D movies, some people with downs syndrome cannot watch 3D movies. Why am I upset? Only showing in 3D precludes people from seeing the movie in Advance screenings. Apparently they are only for ‘normal’ people.

It can be very easy to get bogged down in the negatives in life even when you are in life 2.0 and sometimes because you are in life 2.0. It is easy to fixate on things lost, things which have not returned and things that are seemingly unobtainable. I have been getting very bogged down in the negatives as they relate to me over Christmas. My mother died 2 weeks before Christmas. My eldest and youngest sons have never been able to have a whole Christmas day together. My step daughters have never been with us for Christmas, my eldest son hasn’t been here for Christmas since the Christmas he was 15, our unborn child will never see a Christmas, my Dad won’t be here for Christmas, I won’t be spending Christmas with my brothers. These are all things I have managed to get bogged down in and obsess about.

I am massively looking forward to going to my Husbands graduation for his Masters on Saturday!

To turn it around, I will have my amazing Husband and beautiful youngest son for Christmas. We will be spending Christmas day with friends with no stress or pressure. We will be going to my in laws on Boxing Day. My brother in law will be coming home with us and staying until New Year. My youngest son’s friends (our new apparently adopted children) will be coming around through that period to hang out and role play dungeons and dragons. 2015 is not far away and holds many adventures and surprises. I will still miss those who will not be here but I have something positive to look forward to and enjoy.

2015 does hold many adventure and surprises. I’d list some of them but I think you need to wait as well.

I am pretty exhausted right now so if I have forgotten anything, I will put up another post.

Stay well and safe through Christmas and New Year.

*Event Cinmas have now posted regular 2D showings