Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brainaversaries/Brain Birthdays for those who don't 'get it'

There seems to be some confusion about my "Brain Birthday/Brainaversary"

This is not an annual attention seeking event. I understand that some people just won't understand.

This is my celebration of the life I have in credit. Long story short, if I had not had that brain surgery on February 16th 2011 I would absolutely be dead.

I think that celebrating the fact that I survived is worth it. It is a personal thing for me and I don't expect anyone else to behave any differently or 'join in'. I spent 8 years in excruciating pain which didn't ever actually stop. I was extremely ill and towards the end didn't get out of bed very much. If the temperature went over 29 degrees I really struggled. I dropped down to 70kgs. I missed a lot of my childrens childhood. I listened to them telling their friends 'oh we can't do that. Mum is sick' I spent a lot of time feeling that I was a burden and making life generally difficult for everyone.

Apart from having the tumour, it was shifting one half of my brain around. Even without blocking the CSF, the continued midline shift would have put me in a coma and death would have followed soon after. I have some extra fun things from the increase in intracranial pressure combined with the midline shift that my 'brain buddies' didn't have. One of them is partial deafness in my right ear.

The surgery took me from constant, unrelenting agony which I cannot compare to anything else or even try to describe, to no pain. Suddenly I was 'normal' and I could do all those things I hadn't been able to for the previous 8 years. To give you a tiny window in to it, I was in so much pain that I know I have significant pain now if my teeth are sore from clenching. Kim knows because I will start jiggling my foot or some other body part subconsciously.

There have been a number of things I have had to work very hard on since surgery. Movement, memory are just a couple of them. I would not change this, with all of its setbacks, hurdles and permanent damage and side effects for the alternative.

My Brain Birthday is very important to me. 

I would not have been able to spend that precious time with my Dad. I not have seen my son graduate from highschool. I would not have seen him turn 18. I would not have been able to plan that surprise party for Dads 70th. I would not have been here to see Kim achieve one of his lifes dreams. I would not have been here to see him graduate with his Masters.I would not have been here for Brendans wedding next year. There are so very many important things I would have missed.

I wouldn't be able to support those I do now who are going through the same thing I did.

I wouldn't have that cool party trick balancing things on my brain hole either!