Thursday, January 8, 2015


Apparently this was so important that I needed to post it last night while under the influence of Stilnox (Ambien, Ambien CR, Intermezzo, Stilnoct, Sublinox, Hypnogen, Zonadin, Sanval, Zolsana and Zolfresh)

Original text 

Goals for this year.

Finish the cranse
climb the bridg with Paul Snedde at al
rin the twilight 5k
run th eaiprot marathon 10km
run the twilight bay reun at the bay run 


Goals for this year.

Finish the cranes
Climb the (Sydney Harbour) bridge with Paul Snedden et al.
Run the Twilight 5k
Run the (Gold Coast) Airport Marathon 10k
Run the Twilight Bay Run 5k with Dads wheelchair.

I have other goals for this year.... but apparently these were at the forefront on my subconscious!