Thursday, January 29, 2015


I am very lucky to have such amazing menfolk in my life!

My Dad. The man who taught me so very very much about everything. We shared our birthdays with each other. Cheeky bugger. Love him and miss him incredibly.

This one, My amazing husband has been my rock the entire time I have known him. He has been my greatest support and literally saved my life. I wouldn't be here without him. My love for him is beyond words.

This one, my drop dead gorgeous (not especially gorgeous in this picture), hilarious son is such a wonderful caring soul I cannot possibly describe it. When I came home after surgery he asked for our dirty clothes so he could go and wash them, A pretty mean feat for a (then) 14 year old boy. Everyday as soon as school finished I would without fail have a call from him asking how I was feeling and where I was. I love him very very much.

This one, the older of my two younger brothers. Always there and supportive in his own unique quiet way.

This one, the younger of my two younger brothers. He's been there through everything. Absolutely everything. Today he told me I couldn't go and trim the hedges and that I needed a parent.

One of my many uncles, he is a gentle giant. I don't think I have heard him say a bad word about anyone. He used to go with Dad on all his trips around Australia and in his quiet unassuming way keep an eye on him.

My fantastic father in law, also a life saver. Always caring and considerate. Always makes time for people and is interested.

A gorgeous young man who I love dearly. He is a cheeky sod too. Always happy and caring.

My gorgeous friend (on the left). I've known him since I was 15. Shared a house with him when I was 18. He has been a very solid dependable and fiercely protective person in my life. If I needed him he was always there. He lives away from here now but we are still in touch.

My friend and favourite oncologist. He has helped me through so much both personally and medically I could never repay him. He is and has been a very dear friend.

My very lovely friend in the USA. He an I have been through some pretty serious stuff together over the years and always been there for each other. He is an ER nurse and has been on occasion a life saver for me. (Seems to be the only non-beardo in my list of fabulous menfolk)

The amazing man from the North (NW). I have come to know this beautiful man over the last couple of years. Initially he was a stranger who offered to have his beard dyed purple to help me raise funds for brain tumour research. I finally got to meet this big hearted man when we dyed his beard!

Another lovely G+ friend. Open, caring, giving, supportive, and all round fun to be with. Someone I can rely on when I am in Melbourne to be there if I need him. He also does a pretty awesome track patrol :)

This isn't a final or exhaustive list. These are some of the many wonderful men I am lucky enough to have or have had in my life. They are irreplaceable and very much loved. They also (except one) are beardos