Saturday, July 30, 2016

5 Years 5 months

I thought that this time I would throw a bit of a timeline in. A reflection over the last 5 years by looking back at the blog posts I made at (n) Years 5 months.

5 months post op time was something I struggled with. Chronology was a malfunction. I was playing with me camera and trying to remember how it all worked. There had been some physical hiccups but I had a good team to help me work through and around them. Optimistic was my middle name. I had plans and ideas and was 'ready' to conquer the world.

1 year 5 months I was doing fun runs and fundraising. I had started study for the first time since I was diagnosed with my brain tumour in 2003. My Dual certificate III in Business and Business Administration was my first dip in the water to see if I could remember anything long enough to be assessed. There were more medication changes including coming off the one that had made my hair fall out and was killing my kidneys. I was tired from study but felt more alive for do it.

2 years 5 months half way through my Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation I have scored honours for all of my first semester subjects. I was dealing with vision problems that would have been easy for a 'normal' brain to cope with.  I raised over $1000 for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and had my head shaved and then painted with purple paper cranes. I complied 'my' version of 70 things I discovered from having a brain tumour.

3 Years 5 months my father had passed away weeks before and I was desperately depressed. I was questioning everything and despairing. I had just started second semester of my Bachelor of Clinical Science. I did end up deferring Uni because I could not concentrate on it.

4 years 5 months I was doing short courses online. I had tried to go back to Uni at the beginning of the year but had developed a pretty nasty chest infection that put me in hospital with pneumonia. I had started using my camera again having lost any inspiration after my father passed away the year before. I was looking forward to the COGNO ASM and many other things brain related.

Now I am in my second semester of Bachelor of Psychological Science. I did well last semester and am feeling far more confident this semester. This semester is going to be amazing!

We have just come back from the USA where I had the very great pleasure to meet more members of my 'brain family'. Spending time with my 'cognitive cousin' +C. Corey Fisk was beautiful. I will have to spend more time with her on our next trip over. I got to meet some fantastic brain 'cysters' and brother in Vegas. We ranged from 1 year to 10 years post op. There was a lot of talking and some happy tears.

I am going to leave it here for now. I hope you are all happy and healthy and feeling the best you can.