Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A day

Last night I was very disciplined. I took my sleeping pill. headed off to bed at a reasonable time with the intent to actually make it in to Uni today.

The pill didn't. After over and hour I got up and wondered exactly how I was going to make the sleep thing happen. I ended up popping a Valium and gave it another shot.

Pre 6am I did not want to get up and get ready for Uni. I struggled through the shower, the getting dressed, the medication taking and the breakfasting. I jumped on the bus at 6:40am to go to Uni.

Went to meet up with my group to run through some practice for our next group assessment. Headed of to the Tutorial. 

Had to walk out of the tutorial to collect myself. There was some content discussed which hit me rather hard. I waited a while and went back in hoping that content was over. Sat down, realised it wasn't got up and walked out again. This time preceded by a friend. We sat and had a discussion about the reasons each of us had for leaving the room. When people started to leave (signalling the end of the tutorial) I went back in and stayed back a little to discuss it with the Tutor. 

Next tutorial, arrived late (see above) content of this tutorial also somewhat upsetting. Rode it out regardless.

More day more day more day...

Final tutorial for the day. Could not take part in the experiment as I was physically incapable. By this point I was exhausted, not feeling well, and feeling flat.

Instead of staying and working on assignments for an hour in the library, I headed home. Bus ride was long and uneventful. Got home worn and weary.

Went to feed the fish and the plants. Mum's birthday flowers are just starting to bloom.

This year was the first mothers day I have actually enjoyed since 1995. There were tears but it didn't suck up my whole day. A bit proud of myself for that one.