Thursday, May 5, 2016

A found thing

I think these were words of wisdom passed on to the beautiful Ebony on her coming of age.

I just found them in a file on my computer (while looking for something else of course). Perhaps there is something in here you could use?

  • The small things really ARE small and don’t matter.
  • There is no reason to accept and pander to negative people in my life.
  • Friends are the ones who stay when the going gets tough, help when and where it is needed, give you a swift kick in the pants when you need it and hold your hand (even virtually) when you need them. (It also works the other way)
  • There is no point in worrying, it doesn't solve anything and just makes you feel bad.  If it can be fixed, it will be so no need to worry. If it can’t be fixed, it won’t be so why worry?
  •  Sometimes life just sucks. Acknowledge it and then move on.
  • Being nice to people makes them stop and think. It often causes them to be nice to someone else. It has a fabulous knock-on effect
  • You really are stronger and smarter than you think you are.
  • Be the best you that you can be.
  • Reach for those goals. If you don’t try, you will never know if you could have made it there. At least if you try you'll know you gave it your best shot regardless of the outcome.
  • Stand up for the things you believe in. Don’t be a slacktivist. Get up and or out and DO something to help that cause that you feel strongly about. Sharing Facebook status images really doesn't achieve much more than annoying your friends or guilt tripping them into doing the same. Meanwhile nothing is actually being done to really help.
  • Aging is a beautiful thing. It is a natural part of life. Accept it, embrace it and enjoy it. There are a whole lot of people who will never get to be the age you are.
  • The outside doesn't matter it’s the inside that counts. There are some beautiful looking people around who are truly unhappy and some of them are just nasty. Same goes for some of the less conventionally attractive. There are however beautiful hearts out there.  If you had never laid eyes on them you would still feel the beauty in their souls.

  • Life is a privilege.
  • No one is an expert on you, except you.
  • One person CAN make a difference in the world.
  • Change only APPEARS difficult.
  • Peace is a choice.
  • It’s not worth the calories unless it’s chocolate.
  • Sometimes crying is the best response.

Did you know.........
It IS possible to misplace a cup of Chai
IS possible to not remember if you drank it
IS possible to not be able to find the cup it was in therefore it is somewhat schrodinger-y
IS possible to have a complete melt down over a printer
IS possible to reduce the puffiness and redness of recently leaky eyes with an icepack
IS possible to have also mislaid one's lunch!
IS possible to be so stressed you get violently ill and have a massive headache?
IS possible to de-stress WITHOUT throwing the printer out of a two storey window.
IS possible to feel completely lost
IS possible for all of the above to be ok...... (cos the de-stressing reverses the stressing one as well)
IS possible to have a fantastic husband who prints all 100 copies of your Aunts funeral booklet so you don't kill anything..... namely the printer
IS possible to spend the day baking for the wake and still be going at 8pm even though you are physically emotionally and mental exhausted
IS possible to have a husband and a son who come home and hug you because they know you have had a "day" and you need it (the hugs not the day)

Things that help me de-stress are -
  1. Getting outside and listening to the world. 
  2. Getting away from the house. 
  3. Photography ( it helped me get through the hardest days in the pre op years)
  4. Conscious breathing
  5. Walking... lots of it.
  6. Being 'silly'*
  7. Laughing. Having a friend to laugh with is even better
  8. Doing anything creative.
*Silly = things kids do. Finger paintings, rolling down hills., giving everyday items characters and making up stories. Mud pies!