Monday, October 24, 2016

5 years *cough* months

I know. I have missed a whole bunch of posts.

Uni has been hectic this semester and I have been crazy busy. I was sick for about a third of this semester so exams could be 'interesting'.

Next year we start trimesters. Planning my courses for first trimester will start on Wednesday officially. I am going to have to mange things a little better next year. We have plans to head to Germany, Belgium and the UK next year so I believe I will be taking some of my courses on line in second trimester. The future is still pretty fuzzy on what will be going on for third trimester.

This planning ahead thing is novel and a 'new' experience. Not so long ago I couldn't plan ahead at all. I have to say that my body has been telling me pretty clearly to slow down a bit so I think I should probably listen at least a little bit. I have been paying more attention to it lately. Today I am sat at home instead of running around like a madwoman. I have had some pretty significant pain over the weekend and am taking the hit to just stay off my feet for a little while. I have plans later this week so I need to manage myself so that I don't crash and burn and miss out on them!

This week is International Brain Tumour Awareness Week. If you are reading this, you are probably aware of brain tumours. For more information head over to the IBTA website or the BTAA website to see what is on where you are.

This time last year I landed in hospital having a bunch of seizures after a week of neuro conferences and meetings. This year I have missed all of them and will not be at the CBC walk either. I WILL be at the CC-DR patient day!