Friday, December 20, 2013

2 years 10 months

Yes, It is late.

As you know, I write these posts on the 16th of each month. December 16th is the anniversary of my mothers passing. I felt it important to spend that time with her.

I graduated with honours across the board! Graduation was pretty nifty. I will miss some of my teachers and class mates. I am waiting to find out if I made it into the courses I applied for. Next round of offers is January 16th, so I may or may not have news :) 

I saw the neuro ophthalmologist. He was in a rather large hurry to have a look and see what my brain was doing so I had an MRI the Friday of that week and a follow up appointment the following Tuesday. I am very pleased to say I have a clear brain scan. I have binocular diplopia (double vision in both eyes) they could put prism in the lenses of my glasses to help me to be able to see properly. I also have small cataracts and 'opaque lenses' and surprise surprise weakness in the muscle of my left eye..... seriously.

I have an appointment with my new neurologist January 22nd. Meanwhile Christmas is just around the corner and life is hectic. Dad has needed a lot more help this year. There have been a few family events which have made this month a lot better.

By the time I write my post in January I will have become 40. I had not expected to make it to forty and yet here I am. It is another mile stone and another badge of honour. I would not have made it to forty if not for my amazing brain surgery by the wonderful Charlie Teo. I continue to fund raise for the Cure for Life foundation in the hope that one day, brain tumours will not be death sentences.

If you'd like to help out you can donate here

My incredible husband has completed his Graduate Certificate in Information Systems. He has also received an award for academic excellence for a GPA of 6.75. All this while caring for our family and working full time! Very proud of him.

Check it out here!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy Christmas and that 2014 brings you all you desire.