Monday, November 18, 2013

2 years 9 months

Still no time to breathe! This is my 101st blog post .... cos that is somehow significant.

James turned 17 at the beginning of November, He graduated from year 12 on November 15th, so he was 17 for a whole 11 days before graduating.

I have found a wonderful psychologist who has been helping me work through some stuff and I am feeling much better.

Everything is full steam ahead here. I have an exam tomorrow and another on Monday which 'should' be my last for the year. December 3 rd will be my graduation.

I have a couple of specialist appointments coming up as well. I ACTUALLY made appointments! I have one on December 3 rd... sound like a familiar date? That one is with the neuro ophthalmologist to see what is what and what could/can/may be repairable with my funny double vision. I can't wait to see the back of that! He is a bit excited and moved the appointment from January 14th to December 3rd which has me a wee bit bothered but it just means a faster result :)

Neuro anything means brain scans... all of them... ever. So today I put together a new scan bag to hold my 3kgs of brain scans. I also popped in to the local hospital to get a copy of the scans they did in A&E when I had my ambulance adventure last month.

Today I finalised the paperwork to go to QTAC for my application to do a Bachelor of Science at Griffith with a mid year start for 2014.

I'll make a whole new post when I have more time.