Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

2013. You were better than 2012 but in your own way have thrown up many challenges and celebrations. You were a big year for education in our family as well.

There were frustrating and often painful times this year when my brain has let me know I have been pushing it. The first saw me cut chemistry and Pure maths out of my course. This last one is more permanent.

It has been a big year for celebrations. My brother and I pull off the most amazing feat of our lives! We organised a 70th birthday party for him without him figuring it out. It was a raging success if I do say so myself and it was wonderful to see almost all of his brothers and sisters there to celebrate with him. I celebrated my second 'brainaversary' with some lovely g+ people. We celebrated Aunty Bid's life as it finally came to the end.

There were many meetings! +David R Robinson  was the first (new) googler I was to meet in person in 2013. Closely followed by +Charles Strebor and +Alison Christensen . Towards the end of the year it was +Kim Sinclair +Ananda Sim +Queenie Moo +Luster Lai +George Darsas +Paul Pavlinovich +Christina P +Vikki Sinnott There have been many meetings with old school friends this year as well. Not to mention the new friendships I made at school this year.

The physical challenges and emotional challenges have had more of an impact this year. I started seeing a wonderful psychologist who has been helping me a lot. My last round of MRI's were clear. 

Kim did exceptionally well and received an award for academic excellence with a GPA of 6.75. James successfully finished out his year and I finished mine with honours across the board which gave me an equivalent OP 6.

Fundraising for +Charlie Teo  Cure for Life Foundation has been going since April and we have raised between us an amazing $3058. We will continue through into 2014 with the hope of reaching that $10 000 goal.

Last and by no means least, +Andrew Clifton-Brown was adopted into my family. I have another big brother :)

2014 will be another big year. Big birthdays, big study and big opportunities. I hope yours is fantastic!