Monday, July 8, 2013


The G+ 2 year anniversary walk went well in spite of the weather. We had fewer people than would have been there if it had been a sunny day, however we had more people than we expected for such gloomy damp weather! Thank you to all of you who came! Who knew it could take 6 hours to walk 3 kms.

I have persevered with the knitting and managed to produce 2 beanies so far! Jolly good thing too because I hit my first goal and had my head shaved on Saturday! If things don't work out the first time you try them, stick at it, you'll get there :) 

Today was my first day back at school. It was fantastic! General Maths is not quite as exciting as pure maths but I like it all the same and I have a pretty nifty teacher so, win/win.

A few days ago there was a report on A Current Affair about Charlie Teo and his crusade to cure brain cancer/tumours. This is one from May which contains some very important information which I keep trying to explain to people. Benign brain tumours are not “safe” they can cause significant health problems, damage to the brain and in some cases death. Obviously brain cancer is nastier, benign tumours should not be dismissed though.

The drive to raise funds for Cure for life continues as ever and things are starting to pick up. If you would like to help to find a cure for brain tumours/cancer please consider donating to one (or more) of our international team. Linky

To follow up from the last post –I went to the Doctor who told me the optometrist was not overreacting. I went back to the optometrist who then tried to make an appointment with the preferred neuro ophthalmologist who can’t get me in to the end of October, so am booked in to see second choice ophthalmologist at the end of this month. Meanwhile blurry/double vision continues. To a certain extent my brain is trying to compensate but tends to conk out around midday or early afternoon and has a hurt.

I am really quite enjoying this new experience of having a shaved head. I don’t feel like I have lost my identity and I am finding it pretty fantastic to be completely honest.

I hope you are all well, happy and pursuing your dreams.