Sunday, July 14, 2013

2 Years 4 months

There are a lot of things that have happened since my 2 year 4 month update.

First of all I did get Honours for Biology and General Applied science! Just a little chuffed with myself about that. I am back at school for semester 2 my last three classes before I finish the course. The end of this stage is in sight. I am getting quite quietly excited about it. I went and spoke with my old Pure maths/Chemistry teacher this week about coming back to do pure maths next year. Her suggestion is to speak to the people at the University about my options. I may be able to get into another science based course with the subjects I have (especially scoring honours) and can then step sideways and may be get credit for the subjects I do in 1st year, or do Pure maths in 2nd year if I really have to have it. It is a massive relief to me. I really enjoyed the Pure maths but it was moving so quickly that when I had 2 weeks off I dropped so far behind I could not catch up and keep up.

The first of these conversations with the uni people will be this month, the next two will be in August. I figure the more people I talk to the more options I may have and any one or combination of the people I talk to may have the plan that fits best.

I reached the first of my fundraising goals and had my head shaved last weekend. This weekend my wonderful husband very carefully shaved my head with a razor (or few razors) and was very considerate of the funky nerves in my scalp that make the pressure of the razor feel like someone pushing really hard on a massive bruise. Our lovely friend came and painted the CFLF Cranes on it and did a spectacular job. Kim took some great photos of the process too. I feel very lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

Next month is MASSIVE. We will be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary (Better start planning that big 20th). My littlest brother and I will be doing the Brisbane running festival 5k together in our beautiful Cure for life shirts and hypertubes. Kim and I will be going to Sydney for the Sydney Color Run supporting the Cure for Life foundation.

The fundraising continues! Next goal is $2000 and I'll be making an additional 1000 paper cranes. If I get to $3000 I will keep my head shaved for 6 months! I'm going to put a link in for you to go and see the photos from hair to bald and painted. I'm also going to put in a link if you would like to help find a cure for brain cancer and in the process see me do insane things.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later (in another post) but for now, I hope you are all happy healthy and enjoying life!

Photos of the shave and paint process
Watch me do more insane things in the name of finding a cure for brain cancer