Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ripples in the Road

Just after my 5km the other weekend I had a bit of an "episode". I fell up the back stairs three times in two days. To be completely honest it scared me half to death. I am kinda paranoid about falling and hitting my head!

I mentioned it to my physio last week when I went to see him, he had wanted to know what the bruises were from *cringe*. Luckily I escaped with not a lot more damage than some bruising. The deal was, I had to go and make an appointment with my GP, who I saw yesterday.

My GP is about as thrilled as my physio was. She's increasing my medication by a factor of 8 and I will be admitted to hospital this weekend for more tests. She believes I had three seizures resulting in the falls. I have no recollection of what happened so that's the most likely reason. When we have all the results in and see how the medication increase goes, we'll know what is what. She is holding off on a new MRI for now.

So we breathe easier because she hasn't sent me straight for an MRI to look for my brain lump growing back and hope that it is epilepsy from the scaring in my brain from surgery. Hoping for a diagnosis of "fatigue" really was wishful thinking on my part I guess.

SO! I hope to be able to smuggle my camera into the hospital and document part of this continuing journey beyond brain surgery.

Sydney trip is still on though. Much baking, relaxing and catching up will be done!