Wednesday, June 13, 2012

21 Challenge Days 12 and 13 + more things..

I'll be taking a photo every day for 21 days and uploading them on FacebookGoogle+,DeviantArt and on RedBubble......... what will you do?

All funds raised go to assist homeless and at risk youth in Australia. the Challenge ends June 21, our longest and probably coldest night of the year. 

 Rule of Trees
Give Me a Sign

1. Pedalers' Paradise
2. Green Living
3. The Letter C
4. Life Support
5. Momentum!
6. Boldly Bearded
7. The Colour Red
8. Less Stress, More Awesome!
9. What a Gem!
10. Communication
11. Toy Stories
12. Rule of Trees
13. Give Me a Sign
14. Chillin'
15. Keeping Time
16. Most Underrated
17. Square
18. Minimal
19. My Earth, My Impact
20. Surprise!
21. The Awakening

Today I have also signed up for the Brisbane Running Festival on August 5th and the Bridge to Brisbane September 2nd! I'm raising funds for the Brain foundation for both events. They are funding brain research throughout Australia for earlier diagnoses and improved, more effective and efficient treatments to enable normal lifestyles. As you can probably understand if you know me or have read my posts, its a pretty big deal for me.