Friday, June 15, 2012

1 year 4 months

I'm a day early, tomorrow is my 16 month brain birthday but in light of recent events and the fact that I'm "leaving on a jet plane" tomorrow to go and spend some time with Alonya and Rick I thought I would knock this one over early!

I thought I was busy in my last brain catch up post, this one feels like a lifetime has passed in the month in between! I guess I should start where I left off in my last monthly update. I did the 5km for the Kim Walters foundation and blogged it here . That afternoon I had a fall up the back stairs which was a bit disturbing and the day after another 2 falls up the back stairs. You can read more about that here That all kicked off into ta trip to the doctor and then a night in the hospital for an PEEG  (Prolonged Electroencephalogram)  .

Meanwhile, I have been doing the 21 Challenge to raise funds for homeless and at risk youth. Not been making an awful lot in terms of fundraising but I have been challenging myself daily with it. Most days I have an idea of what I would like to achieve for the theme but I usually end up with something quite different for one reason or another. This thinking without a box thing is wonderful.

I have signed up for the Brisbane running festival in August and the Bridge to Brisbane in September, both of them I am raising funds for the Brain foundation. Big cause close to my heart. They do fantastic work in many brain related areas, tumours, migraine, stroke, epilepsy and so much more. November I am part of a team put together by my youngest brother to do Relay for Life raising funds for the Cancer Council.

And now for the really big news.... My amazing friend Ted Ewen made me cry on Wednesday night! I met Ted a few months before I went off for my brain surgery. He has been a wonderfully supportive friend all the way from Denmark. He has sent me books to read, talked to me daily, and held my hand virtually. On Wednesday night Ted made me cry like a baby (and most of Thursday as well) and has left me quite stunned. Ted has nominated me for The 2012 Pride of Australia Courage Medal. 
Ted has made a post on Google plus here asking for supportive comments if you would like to add anything. 

I have also been looking into doing some study to improve my "employability" so I'll be talking to the people at TAFE when I get back from Sydney. I'm also looking at doing some volunteer work so I have some more recent experience. The biggest stumbling blocks I am having with finding work seems to be that I have been ill for so long my most recent working experience is ancient history so until I can get paid work I may as well do some unpaid work to get that experience back!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure :) I'll see you all when I get back! meanwhile here are days 14 and 15 of the 21 challenge....

21 Challenge photos are uploaded to FacebookGoogle+,DeviantArt and on RedBubble......... 

" Keeping Time"

1. Pedalers' Paradise
2. Green Living
3. The Letter C
4. Life Support
5. Momentum!
6. Boldly Bearded
7. The Colour Red
8. Less Stress, More Awesome!
9. What a Gem!
10. Communication
11. Toy Stories
12. Rule of Trees
13. Give Me a Sign
14. Chillin'
15. Keeping Time
16. Most Underrated
17. Square
18. Minimal
19. My Earth, My Impact
20. Surprise!
21. The Awakening