Friday, April 20, 2012

100 Prints!

In my post on Friday April 13th I told you about the Charles Wanstall lodge and their need for Framed Prints.

I have also undertaken another mammoth task of personal importance. The Charles Wanstall Apex Lodge provides accommodation for regional patients undergoing cancer treatment in Brisbane. The Charles Wanstall Apex Lodge in Brisbane is desperately seeking donations of hanging prints, pictures and paintings of either landscapes or rural settings to brighten up our units for their guests. They are in need of around 100 framed pictures, any sizes up to 700mm x 700mm or about that size, and donors are asked to please attach their names and a little message to accompany their donation.
My parents spent time staying in places like The Charles Wanstall Lodge when I was a teenager and my Dad had to come to Brisbane from Toowoomba for treatment. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals with my parents while they were having cancer treatment and more recently while I was having treatment and know what it is to stare at blank walls.Yesterday I delivered 30 prints to the lodge. It was a combination of images from +Tony Porter , my Father and I. I spoke with Allan who was thrilled to receive them and explained that they have no funding to brighten up the rooms for patients and their families. I also got to talk to some of the patients there. It was a hugely emotional experience for me but I will do it again in next week when I have some more $$ and prints framed.

Please consider donating some of your own incredible artwork if you can. To make a donation, please email 

I put a call out on Google Plus on behalf of The Charles Wanstall Apex Lodge on April 10th, on April 12th my father and I delivered 30 prints to Allan at the lodge. Today April 20th I have another 59 prints sitting waiting to be delivered to the lodge from Google plus members from as far away as Denmark and America. By Monday April 23rd there will be 64 frames 8x10 prints to be delivered to the lodge. This takes the total to 94 Framed prints.

Meanwhile in California 2 prints are being prepared to be mailed to Australia to be added to this colossal pool of generosity taking the total to 96 prints! The final four prints are being supplied by a local Brisbane Google+er and will take the total to a staggering 100 framed prints.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of heart, spirit and talent of these amazing people from Google plus around the world.

Thank you to
+Tony Porter 
+Kim Robertson 
+Ted Ewen 
+Niamh Brown 
+Dryade Geo 
+Gavin Crook +Thief Images 
+C. Corey Fisk 
+Colin Gerbode 
+Olav Folland 
+Ken Caughlin 
+Gem Nicholls 
+Rob Hallifax 
+James Lunan   and my Dad :)

If you are interested in donating prints tot he new project pop over here.

Big thank you to Lexy and her CNET article