Friday, April 13, 2012

1 Year 2 Months

 Our lovely Ossian came back to stay with us at the beginning of March and is still waiting on word from immigration as to wether they will grant his 2 year visa or not. It has been fantastic having him here. He fits well with the family and very much a part of it. He will be greatly missed when he picks up his journey and continues his travels wherever they take him. He is a beautiful soul to spend time with and a blessing to have in our home.

At the end of March, Kim and I went on the Google+ #thewalkdownunder in Brisbane. We met some truly lovely people, amazing photographers and had a beautiful day. I managed my first post op trip(s) on the water with no problems. Much cause for joy and celebration! Thank you for the nifty new camera strap too! After that we went to Kim’s brothers 50th (still in my G+ t-shirt).

We met up with Tony again for a sunset shoot, followed by a trip into the city to take photos of the various building lit up blue for Autism Awareness. We tried to meet up again for a sunrise shoot but ended up a bit separated, did the festival of Sails at Redcliffe and then another sunrise the following morning at the Gold Coast.

It has been a great and inspiring thing to be a part of. Really very much looking forward to the next photo walk at the end of this month and catching up with these fantastic people again.

I have recently heard back from the people I applied for the job with and they have given it to another lady who applied internally. Fair enough too, she is already working in the company so less training to do! They did tell me that I interviewed very well and they’d like me to reapply for another position coming up in mid May. I Have actually applied for another job with the same company a few hours after that conversation as well as having my name down for a traineeship with them and I will keep my eyes open for this other job coming up in May if none of the previous pan out.

I have signed up for a 5km run/walk for the Kim Walters Think Pink Think Choices Program. (Choices) is a free community service regardless of where treatment has been undertaken offering support for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers and their families.

You can help me to raise funds to help men and women diagnosed with cancers continue to receive multi- disciplinary holistic care through the Wesley Hospital Choices Program. This one I am doing for Aunty Elaine who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. My fundraising page is here

I have also undertaken another mammoth task of personal importance. The Charles Wanstall Apex Lodge provides accommodation for regional patients undergoing cancer treatment in Brisbane. The Charles Wanstall Apex Lodge in Brisbane is desperately seeking donations of hanging prints, pictures and paintings of either landscapes or rural settings to brighten up our units for their guests. They are in need of around 100 framed pictures, any sizes up to 700mm x 700mm or about that size, and donors are asked to please attach their names and a little message to accompany their donation.

My parents spent time staying in places like The Charles Wanstall Lodge when I was a teenager and my Dad had to come to Brisbane from Toowoomba for treatment. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals with my parents while they were having cancer treatment and more recently while I was having treatment and know what it is to stare at blank walls.

Yesterday I delivered 30 prints to the lodge. It was a combination of images from +Tony Porter , my Father and I. I spoke with Allan who was thrilled to receive them and explained that they have no funding to brighten up the rooms for patients and their families. I also got to talk to some of the patients there. It was a hugely emotional experience for me but I will do it again in next week when I have some more $$ and prints framed.

Please consider donating some of your own incredible artwork if you can. To make a donation, please email

I have also felt the need to start writing things down. I feel like I need to better document this post surgery journey and then things that have happened along the way. There have been a HUGE bunch of things I have overcome so far and it’s very easy to lose track of it all.

That’s all for now I guess, if I remember more I’ll make a new post. Have a fantastic day and make the most of what you have.