Saturday, January 16, 2016

4 Years 11 months

One to go!!!!! Not really a lot in this blog.

December was a bit crazy as per any other December. There was family, food, and fun. Having the Robertson clan here for Christmas was wonderful. Having Kaitlin, Sarah and Adam here was fantastic.

I've been accepted back into University this year. I have switched to neuro-psych instead of neuro-science. I am really looking forward to it and to being back at Uni!

Next month Tunes for Tumours will be hitting the ground running. We have 4 events over 2 days, all culminating in the art show (with Stormtroopers) You can find out more at There are links there to take you to the ticketing pages. $11.90 per event is not bad at all. That is a grand total of $47.60 for 2 days. Funds are being raised for the Peace of Mind Foundation this all coincides with my 5 year brainaversary on February 16th

Of course there is the BTAA meeting in Canberra as well!