Monday, June 16, 2014

3 years 4 months

Since the last episode…

I had the great opportunity to meet and spend some time with other brain tumour survivor recently. She is visiting Australia from Holland. It was quite the adventure. We had agreed to meet at a coffee shop at the airport with plenty of time before her flight to Cairns. I arrived at the airport a little early, headed up through security and for the coffee shop. I waited for about an hour and a half and she still hadn’t arrived. I filtered through Facebook to try and find a phone number to call and find out where she as and discovered I didn’t have it and no one else I could contact had it either. In future exchange numbers BEFORE meeting. So in order NOT to miss her, I headed or her departure gate. The lovely ladies at the desk put a call out to ask her to come to the gate ASAP. I wandered around between the gate and security for a few hours. Meanwhile, she was downstairs. She thought I wouldn’t be able to go through security as I wasn’t on a flight. She was in a coffee shop downstairs (I didn’t know there was one downstairs) at the same time I was walking around upstairs looking for her, she was downstairs looking for me! Eventually she came up to wait for her flight departure. We managed to have about 20 minute talking before she had to get on her flight. It was certainly a comedy of errors but well worth it in the end. 

I am writing this in the middle of a study break. I have my first, of two end of semester exams starting tomorrow morning. The last will be on Thursday. I am very much looking forward to the mid-year break. I am about a week behind on my course through University of Glasgow and the one through University of Birmingham starts June 23rd. I am also looking forward to spending a week in Sydney catching up with Rick and Loni, Alison and maybe Simon. I hope to catch up with Charlie Teo as well (not as a patient) but we’ll see how that works out.

I have been living with my Dad three days a week. He is not well and less able to care for himself. I had to pack him off to the hospital the other week as his breathing trouble had become much worse and he had a fall and couldn’t get up. They discovered he had yet another version of one of the bugs he has had on and off for the last seven years. He had a fall in the hospital and luckily didn’t break bump, bruise or damage anything. He is now home and has started some community care services including having a nurse pop in and check up on him regularly.

I had and am having a bit of a crisis of confidence and am wondering if I am going down the right path at the moment. Part of me is terrified that I will fail miserably and not be able to continue this particular degree. Part of me is telling me that I could have just been so caught up in the post-surgical wish to give others a second chance at life after a brain tumour that I have leaped into the deep end of a very large pond I should not be in. Part of me is saying it is just pre exam nerves and lack of confidence. However it works out, I have taken a course from a different degree as one of my electives for next semester.
The weekend after exams finish I will be meeting up with another survivor. I am very much looking forward to it. It is nice to be able to reach out and exchange stories, experiences and advice with other people who have been or are in the same position.
I am booked in for some more testing on the 25th. I’d like for it to all go smoothly. I think I have had more than my share of this stuff. It is funny that even this far out I am still having to recover from the post tumour ans post surgery effects. Brain surgery and brain tumours really mess things up more than you could imagine.

Oh and the fundraising campaign for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation will wind up on 30th June. On 14th July I will post a picture showing how much my hair has grown since it was shaved and my head was painted.

Much love from my quite exhausted self