Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 year 9 months

Here we are again. Another month flew by and now I’m 21 Months post op (Tomorrow).  Life has changed a lot since I first came home in March last year. For a start I have more confidence than I have ever had in my life. There is not much that stops me, some things slow me down a bit but they don’t stop me.

Since my “I year 8 months” post I have finished my Dual Certificate III in Business and Business Administration (5 weeks early). I managed to get my typing up to an acceptable level. That was probably the thing that had me most worried (to the point of tears). My left right coordination still leaves a bit to be desired but that is improving as well.

Yesterday I sat my pre testing for next year’s pre university program. I was a bit nervy about it. I had to do a 2 part test. The first was the Language/English test. I managed to pull 88% on that one. Next was pure maths. This one had me a bit worried as my maths brain has not been brilliant. I lost my multiplication tables, formulas and the ability to do maths in my head. That said I did manage 67% for that one. I go back on Tuesday night for the information night and subject selection. It looks like I will be starting a Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 2014. I do need to get through next year successfully. According to the teacher I spoke to yesterday, my subject selection/requirements are going to push me 2 units over the required number so I “should” be able to do some of it online to help keep on top of it.

I am still trying to raise funds for The Cure for Life Foundation by my 2 year brain surgery anniversary. If you’d like to help out please head over to the page. I'm dropping as much as I can in there each fortnight.

We are planning to go and visit friends in the southern end of the continent over the Christmas break. James has not been further south than Lismore except for a flight to Melbourne a few years ago. This time he'll get to spend time SEEING things along the way to Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra.

I have done a few day trips with my Dad and my Uncle over the last couple of weeks to the mountains to take photos. It’s been a lot of fun and I got to go some places I hadn't been before. When we were on the way to O’Reilly’s a blue triangle butterfly decided it was my best friend and kept landing on my arms, my shirt, my head and fluttering in my face as I was walking along. It was a stunning little thing. Unfortunately all the photos are blurry because he was so very fast so I have borrowed this one.

Further on the academic front, my super smart youngest son scored in the top 11% of the state for science. He was the only one in his year level at his school to receive a Distinction and the only one to achieve more than “participation”. My super smart husband has been accepted into his Bachelor Degree for next year. A big academic week/few weeks in our house!

I hope you are all well and pursuing your dreams. There is no better time to start than now.