Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1 Year 7 months

I have been a bit slow getting this one up. Sunday was 19 months post op so I'm only a couple of days late.

School has been going really well. I have asked to do and extra unit which will knock off one of the core units for a Cert IV or Diploma. I now know I CAN do this. I was a bit terrified that I would not be able to remember anything long enough to make it through this dual cert and that by the time assessment came around I would have forgotten everything. As it turns out my problem has been stopping and taking time out.

Today I'm taking a day out as I have not been sleeping at all well and on top of that fantastic mix up with my epilepsy medication I have had an enormous headache and can't concentrate. The last straw for me was yesterday having pins and needles/numbness/crawling skim down the left side of my head and gradually making its way down my arm and by last night it was my leg as well.

Tomorrow I'm off to the optometrist to see which pair of glasses I need. Since surgery my vision has changed (most likely because the pressure in my head is gone). I also need to make an appointment for a 24hour blood pressure test. Apparently my BP is doing weird things.

I have the Twilight Bay Run this Saturday night. Really looking forward to it. I'm not going to push too hard though. I don't have any more run lined up yet but I do have the Leukaemia Foundation "light up the night" walk in October and then Relay for Life in November.

We will be going to see my mother in law for her birthday this weekend and hopefully making up to Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers. I haven't been since 1991 and I don;t think Kim has been there for it at all. Should be a good weekend.

The ever lovely Ebony has recorded some new music and uploaded it to reverbnation please do go and listen! She is an incredibly talented young lady.